Richard Ober Hammer

What am I about? See:
My April 2021 YouTube interview on A Quality Existence,
or this paper Cooperation Encouraged by Resource Patterns
presented in 2015.

Economist living in Raleigh, North Carolina
2019 photo
year of birth: 1948

Email address:

In July 2022, I am starting a course on meditation
taught by John Vervaeke.

In November 2020, I presented a paper in the
2020 Research Conference on Voluntary Governance
on the subject Artisanship in Culture and Enterprise.

I have posted my first (rough) YouTube
Philosophy of Humor: Carrying On with a Weakness

I have blogs with two purposes:
Perceived Order, presenting the Resource-Patterns Model of life;
Free Nation Foundation, for posts in that workplan.

I offer a thesis and invite comments:
Most of our wealth exists in institutions

Books I am Reading
list here

Website which I maintain:
Free Nation Foundation

Dietary advice which I follow and suggest:
Chris Knobbe

2019 tour in Israel
Here are pictures and more information.